Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Lone Star State of Mind

Snapped some photos from my recent hiatus in Austin, Texas... It was great to be home.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Our Summer

Sometimes in life we have to let ourselves be distracted by the crowds of change surrounding us. We have to let ourselves go and just revel in the romance of summer. And that is precisely what I've done for the last few months. It's been a give and take of change, new faces, and far away places. However, this blog has been on my mind through every last moment of it. So, with summer's end in sight, my friends and I decided to pack up the car and escape to the place where the ocean meets the sand. For this shoot I wanted to celebrate the place that gives so many of us New Yorkers a bit of warm weather refuge: the beach. A place where the sea breeze carries your troubles away, where concrete walls are replaced by boundless blues and sun-shiny-hues, allowing you to just relax and snuggle up with the sand.

The idea here was to see what we could scavenge up on a previous afternoon of Williamsburg vintage/flea shopping with only a smidgen of a budget. So, we hit up Artists and Fleas and 10 Ft. Single by Stella Dallas, among others, and found ourselves some fun, colorful pieces to take to the beach.

A special thanks to first-time model and dear friend Björn Elgerd for lending his sublimely beautiful pose, and to Adam Davis for getting us from here to there and back again.

To our summer.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A Little Leg Room

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Skinny jeans and tailored trousers...these are staples of my fashion diet and should be in the closet of every man that gives a damn about his wardrobe. However, after years of maintaining a similar silhouette from the waist down, I've started feeling an instinctual need for a little leg room. Even the idea of having to stretch on another pair of skinny jeans just wears me out. Summer is peaking it's head around the island corner of this city. I want something that breathes. Something that moves with the warm weather breeze. And to be perfectly honest, loose pants just seem like a hop, skip, and a good time.

I took a quick glance back at the most recent men's shows and noticed there was some evidence for my recent lunge towards a roomier pant. I'm currently in the process of moving right now, but once I get settled into my new Billyburg apartment I'll be sure to post about some of my new outfits that include these voluminous, wind-catching, shape-shifting delights. 

Photos via GQ

Monday, April 18, 2011

Power in the Pencil: Richard Haines

I recently attended the opening reception of The Boys of Bushwick, a celebration of men's fashion illustration by the illustrious and just plain lovely, Richard Haines. In a fashion world that is mostly concerned with all-things women's wear, I found it both refreshing and inspiring to be in the middle of a room entirely devoted to men's fashion and style. As a talented designer, go-to artist, and noted blogger, Haines is discovering the current state of menswear in his own unique way. I, for one, dig that.

I wanted to share just a brief look at some of his street-style sketches and remind you to go check out his work for yourself. The exhibition runs through April 30, and also includes paintings by Dan Halm, collage by Ellen Letcher, and historic works by Paul Cadmus and Pavel Tchelitchew. So, if you happen to be in New York then get your ass on the L train and make the journey into's not as far as it may seem. And either way, be sure to check out Haines' charming blog, What I Saw Today.

*Please excuse the photo quality, I forgot my camera and had to resort to using my phone.