Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A Little Leg Room

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Skinny jeans and tailored trousers...these are staples of my fashion diet and should be in the closet of every man that gives a damn about his wardrobe. However, after years of maintaining a similar silhouette from the waist down, I've started feeling an instinctual need for a little leg room. Even the idea of having to stretch on another pair of skinny jeans just wears me out. Summer is peaking it's head around the island corner of this city. I want something that breathes. Something that moves with the warm weather breeze. And to be perfectly honest, loose pants just seem like a hop, skip, and a good time.

I took a quick glance back at the most recent men's shows and noticed there was some evidence for my recent lunge towards a roomier pant. I'm currently in the process of moving right now, but once I get settled into my new Billyburg apartment I'll be sure to post about some of my new outfits that include these voluminous, wind-catching, shape-shifting delights. 

Photos via GQ

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  1. the ashley photo-shoot ... the haines drawings - so glad I found your blog .... and my favourite 'Smiths song as your blog title!
    - george