Monday, April 18, 2011

Power in the Pencil: Richard Haines

I recently attended the opening reception of The Boys of Bushwick, a celebration of men's fashion illustration by the illustrious and just plain lovely, Richard Haines. In a fashion world that is mostly concerned with all-things women's wear, I found it both refreshing and inspiring to be in the middle of a room entirely devoted to men's fashion and style. As a talented designer, go-to artist, and noted blogger, Haines is discovering the current state of menswear in his own unique way. I, for one, dig that.

I wanted to share just a brief look at some of his street-style sketches and remind you to go check out his work for yourself. The exhibition runs through April 30, and also includes paintings by Dan Halm, collage by Ellen Letcher, and historic works by Paul Cadmus and Pavel Tchelitchew. So, if you happen to be in New York then get your ass on the L train and make the journey into's not as far as it may seem. And either way, be sure to check out Haines' charming blog, What I Saw Today.

*Please excuse the photo quality, I forgot my camera and had to resort to using my phone.



  1. Very cool. I can almost see the lifelike figures jump off the page and on to a runway. Artist seems to depict his vision of what the streets of the city would look well dressed in.